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Revitalization of the Site

When I originally setup this site, I planned on finishing it right away. Then I had some projects come along. In addition to other things, I became too busy to finish my own site! Well, I have spent some time creating a new design, from scratch. Tonight, I have made it live! There is still… Read more »

J Amelias Wellness Salon & Spa

After adopting J Amelias Wellness Salon & Spa website, I have made many revisions and additions. Mainly, the conversion of the site from HTML (created by a WYSIWYG editor) to HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS to make future editing and creation of web pages easier. Several additions to the site have also been implemented including… Read more »

Stonehouse Jewelers

Adam Wegman produces beautiful, custom designed, hand crafted jewelery. The aim of this project was to design a website that would give the overall impression of who he is and provide a way of presenting his work. WordPress was chosen as the content management system for this project due to it’s flexibility.

The Hairstylist Homesteader

the Hairstylist Homesteader

The Hairstylist Homesteader blog is a great resource on organic recipes and natural make-up products. The aim of this project was to provide a way for this hairstylist to share her favorite natural products, mass produced as well as do-it-yourself products that can be made at home. For ease of use, WordPress was chosen for… Read more »

Testing Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer

Cross browser compatibility plays a major part in producing any website or web application. We have to make sure our code is producing the desired results across several browsers. This includes different versions of Internet Explorer. When it comes to virtualization, VirtualBox by Oracle, is a great tool for cross browser testing. For all of… Read more »

Responsive WordPress Design

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been reading a lot of .net Magazine articles. It is one of my favorite online Magazines. This informative article contains 5 tips (big tips) for building responsive WordPress sites. I especially appreciated that these tips encourage ease of use for whoever might be adding content to a WordPress… Read more »