YouTube Live Embed WordPress Plugin

This plugin has been used by a couple of clients who needed a lightweight plugin that notifies visitors to their site when they are live streaming on YouTube. The plugin periodically queries the YouTube API to check if your channel is live streaming. If a live stream is detected, a notification is displayed which can be used to direct visitors to a specific page on your site (or any URL) to watch. A shortcode can be used on any page of your site to display the video. The plugin uses JavaScript to automatically update the page when your live video is detected. All API queries are done server side so your API credentials are not leaked and a reliable connection can be made.

This plugin is completely free to use and modify for your needs. Donations are greatly appreciated. You can download the plugin directly or view the repository on GitLab.

Customization and Added Features

If you like the plugin but would like some additional features, feel free to contact me about getting them added.